Engine Nine (Justin Vincent Series Book #3)

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"Expect a wild ride from Engine Nine. Author Bradley W. Wright delivers a book full of twists and turns, big revelations, and jaw-dropping moments...Lovers of mystery-suspense novels will have a good time reading Engine Nine." - Jaylynn Korrell, Independent Book Review

A familiar voice, echoing down the years. Justin’s long-lost sister on the phone. But something is off. She’s in danger. She warns him to stay away but he resolves to find her. Undercover, Justin infiltrates the remote commune in Utah where Malena was living only to find she has been transferred to another location. Digging for clues, Justin discovers disturbing evidence: black market ICBM parts and an international smuggling operation. The cult members grow suspicious. Justin is trapped and transported to headquarters in Costa Rica. Drugged and imprisoned, he must find a way to escape, rescue Malena, and foil the cult’s demented doomsday plot.


01/23/2023: This is well written and well reasoned (and a good argument for the fediverse):

01/22/2023: At an SCRA model rocket launch today at the Santa Fe Dam I saw this handsome juvenile red tailed hawk hanging out on a post watching the rockets. #birdphotoraphy #birdsofMasotodon #Birders

01/18/2023: Sign next to my kid's door. This is serious. Do not enter without showing your badge to the owl.