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Infinty Blast and the Space Weapon of Doom

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Self-proclaimed space nerds Infinity, his best friend Gabriel, and his sister Twilight are on the run, spurred by the arrest of their astrophysicist parents who have decoded a mysterious message from the long dormant Opportunity rover on Mars. Pursued by President Harker’s secret agents, they piece together clues pointing to the existence of a galaxy-wide conspiracy. In need of help, the three kids track down legendary astronaut Gerald ‘Fox’ Fuller who has retired to a life of surfing and yelling at anyone who interrupts his surfing. When Fuller tells them the space shuttle on display at the science museum is fully operational and ready to launch, they know they must steal it and blast into orbit. Their mission: Destroy the military's orbital space weapon before Harker can deploy it against the peaceful aliens approaching earth. Heroism does not come easily to Infinity, Gabe, or Twilight. They feel big feelings but find a way to be brave, fight through it all, and triumph in the end.

Engine Nine (Justin Vincent Series Book #3)

Now Available!

"Expect a wild ride from Engine Nine. Author Bradley W. Wright delivers a book full of twists and turns, big revelations, and jaw-dropping moments...Lovers of mystery-suspense novels will have a good time reading Engine Nine." - Jaylynn Korrell, Independent Book Review

A familiar voice, echoing down the years. Justin’s long-lost sister on the phone. But something is off. She’s in danger. She warns him to stay away but he resolves to find her. Undercover, Justin infiltrates the remote commune in Utah where Malena was living only to find she has been transferred to another location. Digging for clues, Justin discovers disturbing evidence: black market ICBM parts and an international smuggling operation. The cult members grow suspicious. Justin is trapped and transported to headquarters in Costa Rica. Drugged and imprisoned, he must find a way to escape, rescue Malena, and foil the cult’s demented doomsday plot.


05/20/2023: I'm making a flute by following this excellent tutorial:

1: I chiseled out half of the sound chamber. #maker #diy

05/19/2023: I did four book presentations yesterday for 6th grade classes at New West Charter in LA. One thing I didn't expect to get out of these author visit experiences was a better understanding of how to write engaging prose. There's nothing like reading aloud to an audience over and over to show you what works and what doesn't. Thanks you Ms. Nieto and all the kids at NWC! #writingcommunity #MiddleGrade

05/15/2023: It's release day for Infinity Blast. I visited 5th and 6th graders at Westside Neighborhood School today. I asked them to come up with a story idea and they gave me a pig and a penguin trying to escape from an evil hamburger who wants to eat them. #writing #MiddleGrade