Whole Wheat Bread

Oct 17, 2023
I’ve been making bread for a while now and I’ve tried lots of recipes. Why bother? The U.S. allows a lot of additives in bread that are not good for people. Also, good bread is really...

Cranberry Sauce

Nov 24, 2022
For those who like things sweet + tart + smokey + spicy, this is my favorite cranberry sauce recipe (yes, it's my favorite part of the meal): In a sauce pan, saute a shallot and some fresh ginger, throw in a bag of cranberries, two big spoonfuls of brown sugar, a splash of bourbon, a splash of maple...

Simple Granola

Jan 19, 2022

This is my super simple, basic granola recipe. I don't like to add any seeds or dried fruit (because they tend to cook faster than the oats) or nuts (because my spouse has an allergy). I generally sprinkle pumpkin seeds and raisins on top when I eat it but not as part of the recipe.


Hippie Waffles

Feb 22, 2021

My son loves waffles but I don't love how he acts when his blood sugar plummets an hour after eating them. So, I came up with this high protein, high fiber waffle recipe. We lovingly call them 'hippie waffles' because my wife was raised by hippies and grew up eating homemade tofu.