Make Education Forum 2022 presentation

Dec 08, 2022

I was invited to present at the Make: Education Forum 2022 this last fall. I talked about my 5th grade board game project (more details in this blog post). It was a lot of fun and the...

Raspberry Pi NestCam Project

May 17, 2022

There is a bird family nesting in a potted palm hanging from a beam in one of the outdoor atriums at our early childhood center. The teachers asked me to set up a web cam so the students could see inside the nest and follow the progress from eggs to hatching to fledging. This was a great...

Catapult Prototype

Apr 22, 2022

My 4th grade robotics students are having trouble engineering their catapults so I made this prototype to inspire them.


Board Game Project

Jan 16, 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic, board game sales have skyrocketed. I thought it would be fun to have 5th graders design and build their own board games.


Disabling Student Google Workspace Accounts in bulk

Nov 12, 2021

When your students graduate, you need to disable their accounts. Doing it one by one in the Google Workspace admin panel can be tedious. I created this BASH script that uses GAM to do all the work for me.


Wetlands Scratch Games

Jul 12, 2021

For our last project in 5th grade Design + Code + Make this year we did an integrated unit with Science. The students learned about the wetlands biome (our school is located near the Ballona Wetlands). Each student was assigned an animal that is found in the wetlands. They researched the animal...

#SpringCUE Presentation - Creating equitable classrooms for neurodivergent students

Mar 22, 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended my session on Saturday! Here is my presentation:


Pong Breaker

Mar 11, 2021

We're doing a Scratch unit with 5th grade right now so I created this game to remind myself how everything works. It's been a while since I did anything in Scratch.


Yearbook Photos vs. the Pandemic

Feb 25, 2021

We haven't had kids on campus to get their school photos taken this year. So, I decided to have parents take yearbook portrait photos themselves and upload them via a Google Form. The problem: the spreadsheet created by the Google form has a link to the uploaded file but doesn't include the...

EdTech vs. TechEd

Jan 20, 2021

I attend a lot of conferences, meetings, and workshops aimed at educational technology professionals. Something I see too often is a conflation of these two concepts: educational technology and technology education. I think it's vital to make the distinction. Remembering that these are two...

Airplane Prototype

Sep 10, 2020

I'm preparing a 5th grade project where the students will design and laser cut rubber band powered airplanes. This is my first prototype. I definitely need to angle the wings to create more lift and use a lighter material.


G4 is lost! Text based adventure game.

May 26, 2020

As a quarantine project, my son and I created this text based adventure game. He designed it and I helped him program. He's 7 so expect weirdness. He got into this via Zork which we played to help with his reading.



Apr 21, 2020

I'm teaching a robotics challenge elective this spring over Zoom. I meet with the students once/week and give them a new challenge. The challenge this week is to make a robot that can 'floss'. This is my attempt:


Laser Cutting Project

Mar 06, 2020

One of our 5th Grade teachers is going out on maternity leave. The other 5th grade faculty wanted to have the students make a present for her in my DCM class and asked for my suggestion. I remembered an amazing mobile my son had when he was a baby and suggested we have each student design a round...

Programming a Robot Arm with Python

Feb 18, 2020

I’m teaching an intro to Python elective this trimester. The students are learning the basics via the Codecademy intro course and then they get to try programming a robot arm. I used an ArmUno 2.0 kit from Microbot...

Creating a 5th Grade Design + Code + Make Curriculum, Part 1

Feb 18, 2020

I’m teaching 5th Grade Design + Code + Make for the first time this year. Previously, 5th Grade was rolled into our lower school for technology classes and the curriculum was not integrated with our middle school arc. In middle school, we focus on design thinking, entrepreneurship, making,...

Choosing successful educational technologies

Feb 18, 2020

I have been working as a technologist and teacher in independent schools for twelve years. I respected teachers before I started working in education but I really respect them now. I teach a maximum of about 3.5 hours per day. Most days are less than that. Teachers who are in the classroom for...

Preparing Workers vs. Preparing Leaders

Jun 05, 2019

Back in 2015 I wrote about the Economist magazine's 'skills of the future' supplement. Just this morning I got an email from Google about their new 'future of the classroom' global report. It seems like...

Rethinking Books

May 15, 2019

I ran across a fascinating article by Andy Matuschak about how hard it is to learn much of anything from a non-fiction book. The basic premise is...

LED Circuits with 1st Graders

May 07, 2019

I recently did an LED circuit project with a group of first graders. It was challenging to figure out a way to make it easy enough for their limited fine motor skills and attention spans but also engaging and fun. I experimented with my own first grader and came up with a good compromise.


Virtual Reality, Education, Net States, and Behavior Modification

Nov 13, 2017

" is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced."


Teaching Technology the Steve Wozniak Way

Dec 20, 2016

I love this essay by Syambra Moitozo about what it was like to have Steve Wozniak teach her computer class in 1995. Some great quotes from Woz:


Matching Bias and Education

Nov 10, 2016
This is an interesting article. If Daniel Kahneman's 'dual-process' theory is correct, it could be a useful way to think about technology education (and maybe even education in general). Maybe what teachers...

hundrED Project: Testing Educational Innovation

Nov 10, 2016

This is a cool idea. They have selected 100 innovative year-long projects in Finnish schools and an additional 100 projects in schools around the world. From the website: "All insights and best practices will be documented, packaged and shared with the world for...

Great Essay Laying Out Rationale for 'Unschooling'

Jun 02, 2016
On the Wildness of Children. I'm not sure 'unschooling' is the answer but the more time I spend working in schools the more I am convinced that a greater proportion of the school day should be devoted to free play and exploration. I...

Good Editorial on Teaching Computer Science in K-12 Schools

May 26, 2016
I agree pretty strongly with the viewpoint of this article. When I contrast the computer science education I received in public High School (writing programs in BASIC and FORTRAN to solve real problems)...

Children in a Digital World

May 26, 2016

I recently gave a presentation to parents at our school titled Children in a Digital World. The focus was current research on screen time, educational technology, and helping kids stay safe online. Here is the slideshow in PDF format. Some of the slides will not be that informative without...

Educational Technology Philosophy Statement

Dec 01, 2015

I was asked recently to write an Ed Tech Philosophy Statement. Here is what I came up with:


When _Not_ to Use Technology

Oct 23, 2015

I'm co-teaching the journalism/yearbook class this year. My part of the class focuses on graphic design and page layout. When I was studying design I had a grumpy old teacher who learned his craft from some of the original Bauhaus people in Chicago. Of course, all modern design work is done on...

Creating a Field Guide with iNaturalist

Oct 22, 2015

Our Lower School science teacher recently asked me to help her find a good system for creating a field guide for our campus. Our school is located in a semi-rural area on about 10.5 acres. There are lots of trees, flowers, bugs, and woodland creatures. I did some research and found a great site...

Inventory Management System for School Tech Departments

Aug 14, 2015

I created this inventory management system because I couldn't find one with features specific to schools and without a lot of other unnecessary features cluttering up the UI.


Interesting new report on 'Skills of the Future' from the Economist Intelligence Unit

Jun 17, 2015

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has published a report that attempts to identify key skills students need to learn now in order to be well prepared when they enter the workforce. The report was

Teaching Python with Codecademy's intro curriculum

May 29, 2015

I taught a beginning Python programming class this Spring using the Codecademy intro to Python curriculum ( The class went well and the students seemed to enjoy it. Here are a few things I would...

OS X command line tool for batch resizing images: sips

May 12, 2015

This OS X command line tool is very handy. Every time I need it though I have to google it to remember what it’s called. So, I’m making a blog post to remind myself. Hopefully it will be useful to others who happen across this post.


The 'Factory Model' of Education

Apr 28, 2015

This is a great article. It offers some (much needed) historical context to the claims often made by school reform advocates that our education system is structurally analogous to the factory system as it existed over one hundred...

Student Evaluation Cards

Apr 22, 2015

Our teachers have a system of passing on information about students when they move up a grade. They use 5 x 8 cards with four sections (Social, Academic, Parents, Developmental) where they can enter notes and draw a circle with four quadrants filled with red, green, or yellow to indicate how a...

Setting up WordPress Multisite for a Student Project

Mar 11, 2015

I was asked by our tech teacher to set up WordPress sites for our 8th Graders to use for a final project. WordPress has a special mode called multisite that makes this fairly simple. With multisite you essentially have a single installation of WordPress but you can create multiple blogs within...

A bash script for creating student Open Directory accounts

Feb 12, 2015
I recently took over the IT Director job at a school that had been without a full-time IT person for almost a year. One of the awesome gifts from the previous IT person was a ten year old iMac with 1GB of RAM acting as the Open Directory server for the whole school. It was running OS 10.6 (Snow...