Student Evaluation Cards

Apr 22, 2015

Our teachers have a system of passing on information about students when they move up a grade. They use 5 x 8 cards with four sections (Social, Academic, Parents, Developmental) where they can enter notes and draw a circle with four quadrants filled with red, green, or yellow to indicate how a student is doing.

One of our teachers asked me to create a digital version of this since the teachers were tired of creating the cards by hand. I decided a simple web page with some javascript would work well. The teachers can type their notes into the text fields and they can click on the quadrants to cycle through red/green/yellow (this is the part that required javascript). When the card is ready they can print it and put it in the student's file.

The source is available on github: https://github.com/rabbitfighter/student_eval_card

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