Raspberry Pi NestCam Project

May 17, 2022

There is a bird family nesting in a potted palm hanging from a beam in one of the outdoor atriums at our early childhood center. The teachers asked me to set up a web cam so the students could see inside the nest and follow the progress from eggs to hatching to fledging. This was a great opportunity to use a Raspberry Pi camera module I've had sitting on my desk for the last year. I used a Pi Zero 2 W and a couple of super robust twist ties to mount the camera module to the case (so that they could move and reposition it as needed). The python code from this site was helpful as a starting point. I gave the NestCam a static IP address on our network and used a cron job to keep the script running. Now the teachers can load the IP address in a browser and see a live stream from the nest.

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